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March 23, 2013


Finally got my Etsy Store back up! I'm trying to get some new photos and will include separate links from here to there as soon as each item is listed.  

September 9, 2012

Preparations begin for the Fall Open Studio Weekend being held October 6 & 7 throughout Vermont.  

April 12, 2012

Getting answers to some of my burning questions, like - "can I make a towel that looks like 'store bought' only better?  You betcha!

March 2012

New photos on home page depict my booth display as it appears "in house".   

June 28, 2011

New photos of shawls posted to the Handwoven Fabric page.

Various modifications elsewhere.
(just tweaking other stuff)


June 8, 2011

Photos posted on the Handspun Handwoven page, and started work on a page for Equipment and Tools  

May 16, 2011

Yes it has been a REALLY long time since I've added to this page.

There have been two price increases for fibers since last summer so I've removed the old list and I will have the new pricing posted asap.  If you have a question about fiber please contact me.

This means yarns and hat prices will increase as well - but I have a pretty good stash of yarns already made up.   Prices will change when I need to purchase more fiber.

Farmer's Market started May 7th.  I've missed the first two and am now looking at the weather forecasts from 3 difference sources to see if this week is a 'go'.   So far it isn't looking good, but around here things change pretty quickly.

I've been working on a Word Press blog, called Exquisitely Slow and expect (eventually) to move, re-do, change, and re-vamp this website as much as I can as soon as I can. 



June 11, 2010

Changes made to Hat and Yarn pages to include available colors with notes as to which have been discontinued.  I still have some of these discontinued colors in my stash but when they're gone, they're gone.   
March and April, 2010 I decided to do an intensive color study workshop for myself using fiber reactive dyes:   mixing colors, making color sample cards with value gradations, then dyeing  fabric samples using a variety of shibori-like techniques.  Check out the Dyeing page for more....  

January 14, 2010 OK, so I haven't been exactly current here.  

Winter Market is this Saturday.

Once I get the end of year bookkeeping done, the site may be getting more attention.


March 24, 2009

The Burlington Winter Market at the Memorial Auditorium has been a lot of fun and definitely worth doing.  It's been held once a month since November - and the last one for the season will be April 18th from 10am - 2pm.

The 'regular' summer farmer's market starts in May - the Saturday before Mother's Day. 

Let's hope for good weather!


July 29, 2008

Working on photos!  


Sorry it's taken so long to update.  Fiber prices have changed (and the line of colored Merino/Tencel has been discontinued); I'm no longer making throws (at least for the remainder of this season); Several new handspun, handwoven pieces have been completed, along with new color combinations in Cotton/Rayon shawls.  The hand painted warps turned into spectacular scarves, and I'm currently planning my next dye session.  I'm also very, very busy teaching spinning and weaving, - enjoying it immensely - but obviously let this particular item on my 'to do' list fall behind.    

Please note the studio is open by appointment only.  I do my best to accommodate visitors, - (and have met some fabulous people just in the past few weeks!), but it is not always possible for me to stop working.  Call a few hours (or days) before you want to visit and chances are pretty good that I will be able to re-arrange my own schedule.  Drive-bys and drop-ins,-  not so much*.  As my teaching schedule fills with private lessons, I cannot and will not interrupt class time for unscheduled visits.

*Also, if you don't call ahead, my Rottweiler/German Shepherd will probably assume you have not been invited.


July 20, 2007 New shawl photos posted to Handwoven Fabric page

July 16, 2007
One of the reasons we have a fence around our vegetable garden.

6/7/07  Some time was spent this week documenting new work.  The available colors in toweling for this year should be posted by the end of next week.  Here is  photo of the samples I wove showing most of the colors I used.

5/26/07 Wow!  The beautiful weather and all the runners (and their families) in town for the Marathon made for a terrific day at Market. 
5/07  I've decided to cut back on the hours I spend going out to sell my work - so this season I will be setting up my booth at the Burlington Farmer's Market - only.  Studio visits are still welcome - by appointment.  Keep in mind that my participation at Market is dependent on both the actual weather and whether or not I have another commitment, so  please contact me ahead of time if you'd like to meet me there.  BTW The Burlington Farmer's Market configuration has changed!  The city has allowed vendors to expand around the perimeter of the park so the 'Festival' atmosphere is bigger and better than ever! I hope to see you there.   
4/26/07 Several days spent hand dying cellulose yarns and fibers gave me a chance to experiment mixing my own favorite colors and painting warp and weft for a new series of scarves.  


I also tried a Shibori-type resist on some of my handwoven fabric.  This technique is described in the book :
"Shibori - The Inventive Art of Japanese Shaped Resist Dyeing, Tradition ● Techniques ● Innovation" by Yoshiko Iwamoto, Mary Kellogg Rice and Jane Barton. 

Another exciting avenue for exploration!  My weaving plans now include several 'plain' pieces so I can do more of this the next time I mix up some dyes.

2/25/07 Here's more proof that the rigid heddle loom is extremely versatile! Congratulations New Weavers!
Michele's Table Runner Barb's Table Runner

Barb's Towels

Barb's Blanket
1/25/07  Another session of  'Beginning to Weave with a Rigid Heddle Loom' begins in a few days, and several people have signed up for spinning lessons.  I hope to have a 'Classes' page posted soon.  If you are in the area and would like spinning, weaving, knitting or dyeing lessons, you can call or email for information.
1/24/07  From my "Loom With a View"
12/24/06  November was pretty much devoted to teaching a Beginning Weaving class, and the photos below are the results!
All of these pieces were made using Ashford's 16" Rigid Heddle Loom.    My apologies for not-so-great photos - these are all very beautiful and well executed fabrics.   Congratulations, class!

Bonnie's Table Runner and Toweling

Joy's Table Runner and Place Mat

Vanessa's Table Runners


Red & White Throws - in progress. 


10/21/06 Our first snow of the season arrived last night.  What a difference a day makes. 
We were all packed and ready to go- hoping for a good day at the Burlington Farmer's Market, but with high winds in addition to the snow it seems much more reasonable to stay home today and work on the website.  With only one more Saturday left in the 'season', it's still a possibility - if the weather cooperates. 
October 20, 2006 This tree is making a final curtain call.  The most brilliant show for leaf peepers occurred over Columbus Day weekend.  
October 15, 2006 These pieces of merino top are some I hand painted last year.  After several weeks of just looking and liking, I  finally decided on how I wanted to start experimenting.  The first skeins are hanging to dry and photos will be up soon.   
8/18/2006: Photos of the complete line of Tencel/Merino Hats have been posted, as well as the new colors in the Merino/Tussah Silk line. 

The newest shipment Merino/Multi-Color fibers (Snapdragon, Primrose, Daffodil, Holly berry, Thistle and Cassis came in with the colors more thoroughly blended - lacking the distinct highlights as they did in the first lot.  I'll have new photos showing the change in the next few days.  A couple of these I actually like better  - but many people have said they like the way the separate colors seem to 'pop' in the Super Bulky Yarn.  I still have some of the original dye lots left, but it will be gone very soon.

I've managed to eke out a little more time to experiment with color, spinning enough for a few 'custom' hats.  I sold #4 Hat before I got a photo. And #6 almost didn't make it to a hat, because so many people asked to buy the yarn. 

It feels very strange to have to tell people they can't immediately buy the thing, I mean, really, there I am - set up in my booth to sell stuff -  but when I  decided to actively use this website to display my work, I also decided that it was important to have a photographic record of my work before it went away.   In fact, having to say 'I'm sorry, I just need to get a picture of this, but you can reserve it if you like' - actually turns into a pretty good talking point.  Trying to describe something as 'unique and one-of-a kind' is beginning to feel rather trite.  Fortunately, (or unfortunately) it happens to be true in many cases, but it can be tricky getting people to understand it.  And it's especially hard when someone comes back to 'take another look' at a major piece of work that sold the week before and will take months to replace.   (I do keep extensive records of my handspun, handwoven work although I'm still working on getting photos). 

These color experiments are more spur -of- the- moment 'play' so the pictures tend to be alternatives to written records.

#6- Sold #1 #9 #8- Sold
7/16/2006: This whole website is new!  It's taken awhile, but I think I'm finally getting up to speed.  The photos below show recent work which may or may not still be available for sale.  Similar pieces become available throughout the year, so please use these as a guide for the TYPE of work I'm currently producing.  If you have any questions, please call or email me:
 New Scarves Wonderfully soft and fluffy!  80% merino wool, 20% nylon
Light Green  11" x 75"  - $75 Pink Sorbet 12 1/2" x 68" - $85 Lilac 8 1/4" x 70" - $70  

Prices do not include shipping

New Yarn Colors 100% Merino Wool 'Multi' colors available as fiber, yarn or Hat.
Daffodil Cassis Primrose  
Thistle Hollyberry Snapdragon  
New Throws 100% Cotton
Olive Green, striped Blue Violet, striped Rainbow Throw  

Other Hats

Some recent experiments combining my own colors.

"Singles" yarn, custom blend no-brim hats

100% Merino Wool - $52


Combination #2


Combination #7


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